We started our freshwater crab farming with a small number of crabs. Once they grew in a great enough amount for us to sell, we thought about how are we going to process them as the farm was getting bigger, so we turned them into “salted crab” or “Pu Kem” and sold them in a pack.

       Even though we had preserved them, it’s not easy to sell over 100 kilograms of salted crab in a short time. With lot of precise thinking and experimenting, we found the way to use “freshwater crab” in Traditional Thai style chilli paste, and found that it brought out the taste and the uniqueness to our first product “Namprik Puna” and this was the beginning of Banpuna.


Chillis Paste (Nam Prik)

        Nam Pirk Phao Puna, Nam Prik Ta-deang Puna,,, Nam Prik Na-rok Puna

       “Nam Prik Puna” we selected freshwater crab to add in our chillis paste which gives us a signature recipe that is good with every meal.

Barbeque Sauces

BBQ Mala
       Mala barbecue sauce, we used the recipe from Xishuangbanna (Sibsongbanna) in the extreme south of Yunnan, China. This place is famous for it’s barbecues. The word málà composed of 2 Chinese characters “má” means “numbing” and “là” means ”spicy (hot)” referring to the feeling in the mouth after eating the sauce.

BBQ Jim Jaew
     Jim Jaew sauce is the most favorite dipping sauce for grilled meat dishes in Thailand, because of the taste, flavour (sweet,salty, sour and spicy) and the aroma from roasted rice powder.

Nam Pla Whan (Sweet and spicy fruit dipping sauce)

Nam Pla Whan Puna
       We selected finest dried baby shrimp and mixed it with freshwater crab to give the savory flavours to our dip that pairs’ perfectly with sour fruit.

Kapi Whan Puna
       Kapi Whan or Kapı Nam Pla Whan with the real traditional roasted fermented shrimp paste from “Rayong” as the main flavouring ingredient giving the savory flavours to our dip that pairs’ perfectly with sour fruit.


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